Inserting the Battery

Inserting the Battery

The battery for your battery camera will come loose in the box and will need to be installed before use. For more information on how to install the battery please refer to the steps provided below. 

Step 1: Remove the battery from its packaging and slide the battery compartment back to open the lid. 


Step 2: Press in and slide the security hatch back to open the lid. 


Step 3: Insert the battery in to the ensuring that the groove on the bottom is facing forward. This is to ensure the battery is inserted correctly so the battery compartment lid will close. Press down to secure the battery inside the battery compartment. 


Step 4: Place the security hatch lid back on the camera. Make sure to insert the back hinges first. Press in on the security hatch button, align it flush with the camera and release to lock it into place. 


Step 5: Place the battery compartment lid back on the camera and slide it forward to secure it to the camera. The battery camera is now ready to be charged. For more information on charging the camera click here.


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