Why Did the Indicator Light On My Smart Hub and Camera Turn Red?

Why Did the Indicator Light On My Smart Hub and Camera Turn Red?

This happens during the paring process if the camera does not properly sync to your hub. If this occurs you may need to resync the camera back to the hub and try pairing again. To resync the camera, press and hold the sync button on the back of the camera until the indicator light on the front of the camera turns red. Once it turns red release the sync button and pair the camera back to your smart hub.

If none of the above has helped, try one of the following:

1. Unplug the power adapter for your smart hub and wait 30 seconds. Apply power back to the smart hub and try the pairing process again.

2. Reset the modem on your Wi-Fi network. Unplug it and wait for about 40 seconds, then plug it back in and continue the setup process.

3. Perform a factory reset on the smart hub. To perform a factory reset, locate the reset hole on the back of the smart hub. Using a safety pin, or similar device, press in and hold the internal reset button down for 45 seconds allowing the device to reset. Once the hub comes back online, continue the
setup process. For more information on how to perform a factory reset on your device click here.

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