How To Configure Alerts on an Amcrest GPS

The alerts tab allows you to create and manage new alerts for your device. Please note however that an alert can not be established without a designated custom zone. For more information on creating custom zones click here.

To configure an alert log into your GPS account at using the current username and password associated with your account. Click Login

Setting Up a New Alert

Click on the Alerts tab to access the alerts menu. If you wish to set up a new alert, click on the “addnewalert” button.


Once you have selected the new alert button you will need to fill out a new alert form. This form will denote; the alert name, the device, the zone the alarm is being applied to, the phone number associated with the device, email address, and an optional second phone number and email address.

The alarm name can be customized to fit the name of the zone or can be any name you want. Next, you will choose the name of the device you wish to apply the alarm notification to. The next selection will be to enter the phone number the device is associated with and then enter the email address associated with device. If you would like to enter an additional phone number and email address where you would like the alerts to be processed, you may enter this information in as well however, please be aware this information is optional and not required to proceed with the alarm activation process. To complete the alarm setup procedure please press “Save” to save the alert settings and apply them to your newly created custom zone.



Once the settings have been saved, you will be promoted that the alert was successfully applied. click OK to continue. 


Your new alert has been added to your successfully added to your device.

Managing Existing Alerts

Once an alert has been established and applied the alerts tab also allows you to manage or delete those alerts. To access your alert settings, please click the drop-down arrow. In this section you can access your alarm settings, as well as edit or delete any settings that were previously applied. This can be completed in the “Edit” tab and the “Delete” tab.


Editing an Alert

To edit or modify your alert settings, please choose the “EDIT” option from the alert drop-down menu.


In the Edit Alert section you will notice a list of several options you can change for you alerts.


Alert Name – Allows you to change the name of your set alarm

Choose Device – Allows you to choose which device you would like the modification to be applied.

Enter Phone # 1 – Allows you to edit the primary phone number associated with alert.

Enter Email # 1 – Allows you to edit the primary email associated with the alert.

Enter Phone # 2: This is an optional setting that allows you to edit a secondary phone number associated with the alert.

Your saved alarms are listed below. # 2 – This is an optional setting that allows you to edit the secondary email address associated with the alert.

When you have finished making your edits to your existing alert, click on the Save button to save your modifications. Then click OK to continue. 

Deleting an Alert

In this section you will be able to delete any alerts that have been created. To delete your alert, please choose the “Delete” option from the alert drop-down menu.


Once you have chose to delete the established alert, the browser will prompt you whether you would like to proceed with the action. To proceed with the deletion of you alert, please press “OK” to continue. Once the alert has been successfully deleted you will see another prompt stating the alert has been properly deleted. Additionally, if you would like the browser to not create more messages you can select this option as well. To proceed with the deletion process, please press “OK” to continue.


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