Device Placement

Device Placement

Make sure that the device is placed near a window or on a surface that does not obstruct the signal reception. Placing the device in the trunk of a car is not recommended. Move the GPS tracker near where you want to place it and check the green GPS signal to ensure that reception is available in that position. If the device has interruptions connecting, it may result in inaccurate tracking providing a spotty trip during review.

The AM-GL300 is water resistant, yet we do not recommend placing the device in a place where it may become submerged in water. It’s recommended to use the Amcrest Weather Resistant Case for the AM-GL300 for installations of the device to the exterior of the vehicle. This is to ensure the device is safe from weather, the case allows the device to be firmly anchored to any metal surface and withstand any bumps or movement during travel.

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