Filtering by Groups Using the Amcrest Cloud

This feature is only available for Amcrest Cloud plans that feature a continuous storage plan. For more information on Amcrest Cloud continuous storage plans, please click here. 

The Filter By Group feature provides a functional way to group and sort cameras. It's particularly useful when you have a large number of cameras across multiple locations and you want to keep them organized. You can also restrict access to cameras based on groups. For more information on setting up additional users, click here

For more information on how to set up groups on your Amcrest Cloud account, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Access your Amcrest Cloud account in a web browser. Click on the "Filter and Group" tab, then select Create and Manage


Enter a name for the group you are creating and click Add. Group names can be anything you want. It can identify types of cameras such as cash registers, location, etc. 


Step 2: Assign a connected camera associated with your Amcrest Cloud account to a group using the provided drop down menu. Please note, each camera can be assigned to multiple groups if needed. 


Step 3: Click on "Close", then click on the "Filter by Group" button again to select a Group.


Please note, once the group is selected, there will be a checkmark next to the group that you have selected. Now your camera list should be filtered. If you would like to remove the filter, click again on the same group to uncheck it.

Step 4: Once the group has been selected, you can modify and save your layouts of each device on the interface. Once the layout is complete, click the Save option to save the configuration to your account. 


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