Unable to Connect to Amcrest Cloud?

Built into all of our Amcrest IP cameras is a security feature that disables the ability for an Amcrest IP camera previously connected to a network for more than two (2) hours to be added to amcrestcloud.com. The reason for this feature is to ensure that unauthorized users will not be able to connect the device to alternative accounts.

Note: Blocking these connections will prevent the ability to cease the communication after the 2 hour window is complete or after a power cycle. Please keep these connections active to avoid any issues while connecting your camera to the Amcrest Cloud. 

Below is an example of what a connection failure will look like if you try connecting a device outside of the two(2) hour time limit.

Failure Example:


If you are having an issue with connecting your camera to Amcrest Cloud and it has been more than two (2) hours since your camera has had any network access you will need to perform a power cycle (power off/on) on the device. 

Once the power cycle has been performed you will need to once again ensure that your camera is connected to the network using the previous network connection method that was originally used and then immediately connect the device to Amcrest Cloud within the newly allocated two (2) hour window. 

Note: Any power cycles on your Amcrest IP camera will allow this two (2) hour connection window to be active for Amcrest Cloud configuration. 

Below is an example of what a successful connection will look like.

Successful Example:


If you are in the initial stages of configuring your newly purchased Amcrest IP camera and you intend on connecting the camera to our AmcrestCloud.com service then please add the device in AmcrestCloud.com immediately after connecting the device to your network.

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