Accessing Amcrest Products Using RTSP

Some applications or viewing tools can use Real Time Streaming Protocol or RTSP to pull a device's stream. This requires a specifically formatted URL. 

IP Cameras: rtsp://[username]:password@IPaddress:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1

RTSP URL Breakdown

The bracketed items are variables that you need to input according to your setup. Explanations of each variable are given below.

rtsp:// - The RTSP protocol 

[username] - username of the device
[password] - password of the device
[IP address] - IP address of the device. If you are not on the same local network, this should be the external IP address of the device's network.
[port] - RTSP port number
[channel] - channel number of the stream                                                                                           

[stream] - main or sub stream (use "main" (01) for main stream and "sub" for substream (0)

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