How to Connect a Camera Using SoftAP (IP5M-1190W)

This device uses SoftAP to connect the camera to your network. SoftAP is an abbreviated term for "software-enabled access point" and is used to provide a more efficient way of connecting your device wirelessly. The camera by default broadcasts a unique SSID that will be used for the SoftAP connection process. This means, if you are connecting your camera wirelessly, SoftAP must be used to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. 

Note: SoftAP is the recommended setup method for your camera. If you are using an Ethernet cable to connect, a WIFI connection will not be available unless it has been established first using softAP.

Before proceeding, please ensure the camera is plugged into a power source, make sure the camera and your mobile device are on the same network during setup. Please note, users using iOS can connect to the hotspot automatically however users using Android 10 or higher will have to manually connect to the hotspot during setup. For more information on how to connect your camera using SoftAP, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Download the Amcrest View Pro app from the App Store or Play Store. Open the app and allow all requested permissions. Tap Start to begin. 

Step 2: Tap WiFi Camera.


Step 3: Tap WiFi Configuration.


Step 4: Scan the QR Code located on your camera. 


Note: If you do not have access to the QR code, tap Enter S/N Manually to enter the serial number for the camera manually. Tap Next to continue. 

Step 5: Ensure the camera is powered on and disconnected from an Ethernet cable. Tap Next to continue. 


Step 6: The app will attempt to automatically connect to the camera's hotspot (SSID). Allow up to 30 seconds for the app to connect. Once it connects to the hotspot, enter the default password for the camera's hotspot. The default password will be admin. Tap Next to continue. 


Note: If the app fails to automatically connect to the app on this step you will need to manually connect to the hotspot. To manually connect to the hotspot, tap on the Go to the WLAN Setting option. 


This will direct you to your mobile device's WiFi settings page. Select the camera's hotspot SSID from the menu (DAP-AMC501XXXXXXXXX) and return to the app to complete the setup. 

Step 7: Locate your WiFi network then enter the WiFi password in the interface. Tap Next and allow the camera to connect to your WiFi network. 


Step 8: Give the camera a name (e.g. Garage, Kitchen, Living Room, etc.) and provide the username and password for your camera. The default username and password will be admin. Tap Start Live View to continue. 


Step 9: Enter a new password for your camera, confirm the password, and click Modify Password



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