Continuous Recording Storage App Overview

Continuous Recording Storage App Overview

Amcrest cloud allows you to connect your IP camera to a cloud based service that allows you to store and access recorded events from a secure location from anywhere in the world. For more information on cloud setup as well as plans we offer please follow the instructions provided below. 

For more information about continuous cloud plans and pricing click here.

For more information on how to set up and add a camera to the Amcrest Cloud via the Amcrest Cloud mobile app, click here.

Once you have created an Amcrest Cloud continuous recording account you will be able to sign into your account on the Amcrest app. When you open the Amcrest Cloud app you will see the following screen: 


Below is an explanation of each feature listed on the user interface for the Amcrest Cloud app:

Screenshot_20181015-125250__1_.png Use the Live button to access the live stream of a connected camera from the cloud. 

Screenshot_20181015-125250.png The Next button is used to play the next recording stored in the cloud. The Play button is used to play the current recording, and the Previous button is used to play the previous recording store in the cloud. 

Screenshot_20181015-125250__1_.pngUse the Calendar button to navigate to a specific date and time of a stored event. If you would like to save media for a longer period of time you can upgrade your storage plan. For more information how to upgrade your cloud storage plan click here.

Screenshot_20181015-125250__1_.png Use the Timeline bar to scroll through captured events stored on the cloud. 

Screenshot_20181015-125250.png Use this option to easily navigate the timeline bar to access events for a specific date from 15, 30 minute increments as well as 1, 6 hour increments.

Screenshot_20181015-125300.png Tap on the Screenshot_20181015-125300.png button to access additional features related to the Amcrest Cloud app. These features include: 

  • Delete: Allows the user to delete specific events stored in the cloud. 
  • Download: Allows the user to download and store events from the cloud. To download an event, use the timeline slider to select the event tap the Screenshot_20181015-125300.png icon and tap download. 
  • Tutorial: Allows the user to view a short tutorial of the key features of the app. 

Screenshot_20181015-125250.png Tap on the Settings icon to access specific settings related to your connected device. These features include: 

  • Camera Name: Allows the user to modify the name of the selected camera.
  • Camera Token: Displays the serial number of a connected device.  
  • Notifications: Allows the user to set which notifications they would like to receive from the app. This includes both motion detection and camera health checks. 
  • Username & Password: Allows the user to modify the current username and password for their camera. To save the modified information to your camera, make sure to tap the Screenshot_20181015-125348.png Save button to save and apply the settings to the camera. To cancel press the button.
  • Resolution: Allows the user to set resolution quality in the app. Currently, the max resolution for Amcrest Cloud is 4MP.  
  • Image Appearance: Allows the user to flip, mirror, or flip/mirror the camera's image. This is useful if the user has already mounted a camera and would like to flip/mirror the feed. 
  • IR Mode: Allows the user to set the IR functions for their camera. This can be set to Auto of night vision, or Off to turn the IR lights off completely. Please note, if you turn off the IR lights on your camera, night vision will not work properly. 
  • On Screen Display: Allows the user to enable or disable the onscreen date and time. 
  • Camera OSD Time Zone: Allows the user to adjust the timezone for the camera if necessary. 
  • Image Settings: Allows the user to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness of the image from the camera. To save the modified information to your camera, make sure to tap the Screenshot_20181015-125348.png Save button to save and apply the settings to the camera. To cancel press the button.
  • Recording Mode: Allows the user to turn motion detection on or off in the cloud. 
  • Event Trigger Schedule: Allows the user to select a motion detection schedule or "Always on".
  • Motion Detection Area: Allows the user to set motion detection regions for the camera within the app. This option also allows the user to set the Sensitivity and Threshold of the motion detection settings. For more information on adjusting motion detection settings, click here.
  • Wi-Fi: Allows the user to set Wi-Fi network settings if a Wi-Fi camera is connected.
  • Test Connection: Allows the user to test the overall connectivity of the camera to the cloud. 
  • Reconfigure Camera: Allows the user to automatically reconfigure camera settings within the app. 
  • Delete All Media: Allows the user to delete all media for the selected camera. Please note, once all media for the camera is deleted the media cannot be restored.
  • Delete Camera: Removes the camera from the cloud.
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