How To Change Cloud Plans

How To Change Cloud Plans

If you have an existing Amcrest Cloud plan and would like to change the current plan you are on please refer to the information provided in this article. Please note,  If you are upgrading from a previous legacy free cloud plan (1 camera with 4 hours of cloud storage) please click here for more information about upgrading your current legacy plan. 

Note: Any upgrades made to your account will take place on your next billing cycle.

Step 1: Go to and log into your existing cloud account. Click on the Account menu (mceclip0.png) located in the top right corner of the live view screen. Click Upgrade.


Step 2: Motion detection only plans will be displayed by default. If you would like to upgrade to a continuous recording plan, click on the Continuous Recording plan tab. For more information on upgrading to upgrading to a continuous recording plan click here.


Step 3: You will be redirected to an Order Form. Click on the dropdown menu to display all available cloud plans. Select which plan you would like from the dropdown menu. 


Note: Ensure the billing address is properly entered in the Billing Address field and click Save Address.

Step 5: Once your plan has been chosen, click on Review My Order to complete the order. Enter your credit card information and click on Confirm to complete the process. The upgraded plan will take effect on your next billing cycle. 

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