How To Download Recordings Using Amcrest Surveillance Pro

How To Download Recordings Using Amcrest Surveillance Pro

Recordings in the playback menu can be downloaded (exported) using the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software. To download the free software click here.

For more information on how to add a device into Amcrest Surveillance Pro click here

Downloading a Recording 

Step 1: Open the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software and click on Playback.


Step 2: Select your device from the Organizations menu and click on Event. 


Step 3: Enter a date range in the From and To menu and click on Search. 


The Event menu will display all events located on the microSD card for your selected device from the date range previously entered. You can select All to download all recordings or you can select individual recordings.

Step 4: Once you have selected your recordings, click on the save icon ( mceclip0.png ) to export your recording(s).


Step 5: Click on Browse to select the path for your recording then click on Export Format to select a download format. Click OK to continue. 


Note: It is recommended to use Original Format (.dav) which is playable in the Amcrest Smart Player. To download the Amcrest Smart Player to play your recordings click here. For Mac users, click here. However other formats such as .asf .avi and .mp4 are available.

After you click OK the recording(s) will begin to export. 


Allow the recordings to export to the path provided. Once the recording has finished exporting locate your file from the path your provided to view your exported recording.






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