How To Setup DDNS Using Amcrest Surveillance Pro

How To Setup DDNS Using Amcrest Surveillance Pro

The DDNS menu allows users to set DDNS settings for their device in the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software. DDNS stands for Dynamic Domain Name Server. This technology is used to automatically update name servers in real time to help the camera maintain a persistent address despite changes in location or configuration.

What this means is that even when the camera is restarted, moved, or reconfigured, it can keep the same IP address, thus allowing remote users uninterrupted access to the camera, rather than having to request a new IP address to use for remote access anytime a change is made.

You need a PC with a  fixed IP to have DDNS software running. In other words, this PC acts as a DNS (domain name server). In network DDNS, please select the DDNS type and highlight enable item.

Then please input your PPPoE name you get from you IPS and server IP (PC with DDNS). Click the Apply and Save buttons to allow the software to reboot.

After rebooting, open IE and input as below: 

http://(DDNS server IP)/(virtual directory name)/webtest.html

Please refer to the following table below for more detailed information. 



Server Type

You can select DDNS protocol from the dropdown list and then enable DDNS function. AMCRESTDDNS is recommended.

Server IP

DDNS server IP address.

Server Port 

DDNS server port.

Domain Name 

Your self-defined domain name.


The user name you input to log in the server.


The password you input to log in the server.


Update Interval 

Device sends out alive signal to the server regularly. 

You can set interval value between the device and DDNS server here.


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