How To Add a Device Into Surveillance Pro

How To Add a Device Into Surveillance Pro.

To provide the highest efficiency and security when adding a device into the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software it is highly recommended to add the device using a direct IP address as opposed to using a P2P connection. Using a direct IP provides a direct connection to your device without the use of utilizing a P2P server.

Note: For optimal use with the software it is highly recommended to always add a device via IP/Domain. 

Direct IP Connection

To begin adding a camera, you will need the IP address of the device. To obtain the IP address for your device, it is recommended to download the Amcrest IP Config tool. To get the Amcrest IP Config tool, go to and click on the IP Config software link for either PC/Windows or Mac OS. Launch the IP Config tool and locate the IP address for your device. The IP address will be listed in the IP field of the software.

After locating the IP address in the Amcrest IP Config tool for the device, return to the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software and click on the Add button.

In the add menu, enter a name you would like to assign to your device. In this example, we are using “Front Door Camera”. Next, in the Method to add menu, use the default setting “IP/Domain”, then enter the IP address and port number of the device being added. As a reminder, the IP and port number of the device can be located in the IP Config software. The group name will then be applied as Default Group, then enter the user name and password for your device. If this is the first time using your device, the default username and password will be admin. Click the Save and Continue or Add buttons to proceed.

Once the device has been properly added the added device will appear in the Device menu.

If the device is properly connected in the software, you will notice an  icon in the Online Status field. If the device is not connected properly, click on the online status will be red. To modify settings for your device, click on the  icon located in the Operation menu. This menu allows to rename the camera as well as change the port number, username, and password. To update the password, remove the default password and type the new password in this field. When done, click on Save to save the information for the device.

Setting a Device to a Static IP

For security purposes it is highly recommended to set the camera to a static IP address. Setting your device to a static IP will ensure the stability and the efficiency of your device while operating it in the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software. To set your device to a static IP, click on the Home Page icon and navigate to the Device Config menu.

In the Organizations menu on the far left, click on the device you wish to modify. Then In the device configuration menu, under General click on the Network icon to access the network settings for your device.

In the Network Settings menu, in the Mode section click on the Static radio button to set your device to a static IP. Click Save and Apply to apply the network settings to your device.

For more information about how to view an already added device in Surveillance Pro, click here

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