How To Playback Recordings Using Surveillance Pro

How To Playback Recordings Using Surveillance Pro.

To playback recorded material in the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software, navigate back to the Home Page and in the Basic menu, click on Playback.

In the Organizations menu, click on the device you would like to view playback on. Ensure the checkbox next to the device name and group name are checked.

In the Type dropdown box, select which type of recording you would like to view. To view all records, make sure All is selected from the drop downbox. Next, ensure the correct stream is enabled in the Stream menu. The default stream will be Main Stream. Then, select a specified date and time for the file and click on Search.

The playback controls can now be used to play, stop, skip to next event, control the speed of playback, and mute audio. If you're viewing more than one camera, on the right-hand side of the play back controls you will find a channel selection drop down menu to add or remove multiple channels, as well as go full screen.

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