Amcrest Cloud Compatibility (NVRs and DVRs)

Amcrest Cloud Compatibility (NVRs and DVRs)

Amcrest Cloud is compatible with a majority of Amcrest IP cameras. Amcrest Cloud does not work with any Amcrest NVRs or DVRs. Thus, when connecting an IP camera to the cloud, it is recommended to connect the IP camera directly to your network independently from the Amcrest NVR or DVR. For more information on how to properly connect an Amcrest IP camera to the Amcrest Cloud, click here.

Any Amcrest IP camera connected directly to an Amcrest NVR with an Ethernet cable directly will not connect to the Amcrest Cloud. When an IP camera is connected to an NVR or DVR, individual IP cameras can only record to the NVR or DVR only because the NVR or DVR has created its own network and the camera is now part of that network. 
Amcrest IP cameras connected to an external switch or router directly and not to the NVR or DVR directly will work with Amcrest Cloud. Additionally, IP cameras can also record onto an NVR and DVR as well as long as the devices are connected on the same internal network. This is because the cameras are part of your home router network and are not locked into the NVR's internal network. 
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