How To Access Telemetry Updates on a Amcrest GPS Tracker

The GPS Portal Interface, at, can notify you with telemetry updates from your GPS Tracker. Alerts can be set to pop-up and notify real-time telemetry updates while logged into the GPS Portal Interface.

Asset Information allows you to review recorded data that your GPS Tracker has sent to the backend server. Containing records regarding locations the asset has visited, including boundaries it may have crossed or speeds in which it may have exceeded. Along with the accumulated mileage the asset has traveled.

Asset Info

Step 1: Log into your GPS account at using the current username and password associated with your account. Click Login


Step 2: In the main menu of your GPS tracker account, click on the Map tab. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the device to access the additional features menu. 



Step 3: In the additional features menu, click on Asset Info to begin searching for asset information. 


In this tab you will notice two additional tabs, one for Trips and one for Events. The trips tab will populate trip information associated with the selected date chosen. The events tab will show event information associated with the selected date chosen.

Asset information for that day will be populated automatically, however, if no data is visible you will need to search for active days with retained telemetry data. To search for a specific date of reporting, click on the calendar icon and navigate to select a specific date. 


If you wish to go manually, day by day, you can by clicking on the Previous Day and Next Day tabs located under the calendar icon. 


Trips Tab

The Trips tab will highlight specific trip telemetry information related to a selected date. 


To view details on the trip information provided, click on the View tab next to the trip you wish to select. The report will generate the specific route of the trip including the Total Distance Traveled as well as a full tracking of the trip. You can also generate a simulated run-through of the trip by clicking on Run Trip


To export a report of the trips associated with the selected date, click on the Export to PDF option to export the report in PDF format. You can also customize a PDF export with a range of dates by clicking on Custom PDF Export

To customize an export, click on Custom PDF Export and click on the Choose Date Range to select a range of dates from the provided calendars. Once the range is selected, click on the Apply button to apply the date ranges. 


Once the date ranges are applied, click on Export PDF to generate a PDF for download. 


Next, you can choose to download the PDF or print it out. To download the PDF, click on Download PDF to print the PDF, click on Print. 


Event Tab

The event tab will highlight specific event telemetry that was triggered and retained by the device for that day. You can also view the location of the event by clicking on View Location


In the view location tab, the portal will pinpoint the location of the selected event on the map as well as show you the exact latitude and longitude.  


This is a Google-based system, so you can utilize its features to get directions of where the event happened as well as add a label or missing place. 

To exit the asset info tab, return the main menu of the asset info page and click on the ged.PNG icon located in the upper right hand corner of the page.

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