How To Install The Amcrest Orion Surveillance Software

Amcrest Orion is a video surveillance software application that provides an all-in-one, full-featured solution to manage and monitor Amcrest network cameras, NVRs, and DVRs, etc. The software supports up to 64 devices for free with a maximum of 256 channels. It is currently a Windows based only software, however, to download the latest version of this software click here. 
For more information on how to install the software, please refer to the information provided below. 
Step 1: Download the Amcrest Orion software and open the .exe file.  Select the software license agreement and click Next
Step 2: Select an Installation Path if needed using the Browse option. Click Install
Screenshot 2023-08-24 143522.png
Note: Allow the components to install on your computer. 
Step 3: Click Run
Screenshot 2023-08-24 143905.png
Step 4: Select a network mode and the network card and click Next Step
Screenshot 2023-08-24 144157.png
Step 5: Set the TLS self adaptive mode if necessary. Please note, this is disabled by default but can be enabled if needed. Click Finish
Screenshot 2023-08-24 144529.png
Note: TLS self adaptive mode is a security feature that allows Amcrest devices to automatically switch between Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.2 and 1.3 depending on the capabilities of the connected device. This ensures that the highest level of security is always used, while also avoiding compatibility issues with older devices.
Step 6: Download the Client software to your computer. 
Screenshot 2023-08-24 144713.png
Note: Click proceed anyway in the browser if needed to download the client software. 
Step 7: Click Download and follow the steps to install the client software to your computer and run the client software. 
Screenshot 2023-08-24 144838.png
Step 8: Enter the IP address found on the server client into the Server Address field. The default username will be system. Enter a password for the client account into the interface, click Next Step
Screenshot 2023-08-24 150119.png
Note: Set security questions, this information will be used to access your client software if you forgot the password. Click OK. This will load the client software. 
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