Discontinuation Of AT&T 2G Service

By December 2016, AT&T will terminate their support for 2G GSM, the wireless network at 850/1900MHz cellular traffic band. AT&T is calling this action the “2G Sunset” and comes as more people adopt smartphones and use higher capacity, newer cellular networks like 3G and 4G.

What Does This Mean For Amcrest GPS Customers?

This means some Amcrest GPS customers may experience lagging in real-time tracking (see Buffering section) while other may see a complete drop in coverage in their local area. However, rest assured your tracking data will not be lost. Amcrest GPS customers will continue to be serviced by T-Mobile in North America (United States, Canada, Mexico).


No further action will be required on behalf of Amcrest GPS customers to continue to be serviced through T-Mobile. No service interruption is expected if device is being used under the covered T-Mobile areas. Please consult the T-Mobile coverage map before making your purchase to know for certain if you will be able to use our product after the end of the AT&T 2G deprecation (December 2016). Coverage, upload, and download speed will vary depending on where the device will be used.


If your device is moving through an area without adequate 2G coverage, your tracking data will not be lost so long as your device has a fix on GPS satellites. The AM-GL300 buffers location data while it does not have access to a stable 2G/GPRS connection. Once the unit moves into a supported coverage area, then all buffered data will be sent immediately to the processing servers and organized into ‘Trips’ as normal.

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