Optimizing Motion Events and Alerts With Amcrest Cloud AI

Amcrest Cloud has recently provided a major enhancement to its cloud video surveillance platform with the launch of Amcrest Cloud AI. Amcrest Cloud AI allows you to optimize events by receiving specific notifications based on new filtering options provided by the cloud. This helps to increase the efficiency of motion detection events and prevent false alerts from things such as wind, trees, changes in light, etc. For more information on how Amcrest Cloud AI works to optimize motion events, please refer to the information provided below. 

Setting an Amcrest Cloud AI Filter

When you open your timeline in a web browser you now have the option to only see events generated by Amcrest Cloud AI instead of all the motion events generated by your camera. Amcrest Cloud AI provides filter options to allow the camera to only trigger an event if a selected AI filter option is triggered. To set a cloud AI filter, click on the Events tab located on the timeline, and turn off motion events. This will ensure only cloud AI events and filters are being applied and being triggered. 


Select the Cloud AI tab. 


Select which filter options you would like to apply to your device, then click Ok. 

Configuring Notifications for Each Camera

Many customers have cameras pointed at important locations and would like event notifications but don’t need to be alerted on every motion event. With Amcrest Cloud AI you can configure the camera to only alert you when, for example, a vehicle is in the scene. To enable specific notifications, select the camera from the timeline and click Edit. In the edit menu, select Notification Settings, and click the Cloud AI tab. Select which notifications you would like to receive once the AI rule has been triggered. 


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