How to Set Two Factor Authentication Up On Your Amcrest Cloud Account

Two-factor authentication helps to provide an extra level of protection to your Amcrest Cloud account. This feature will need to be set manually in the web portal and will require the use of Google Authenticator to function. After enabling this feature a separate unique code is sent to you which will need to be entered into the interface to access your Amcrest Cloud account. For more information on how to set two-factor authentication up on your Amcrest Cloud account, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Visit and access your account as normal. 

Step 2: Click on the main menu ( mceclip0.png) icon and select Edit Profile


Step 3: Locate the two-factor authentication option towards the bottom of the page. To enable two-factor authentication, select Google Authenticator from the dropdown menu. 


Step 4: Follow the steps provided in the interface to complete the Google Authentication process. Please note, the details provided in this section will be unique to your Amcrest Cloud account. After scanning the QR code provided a one-time unique code will be provided on your mobile device. Tap Okay in the Google Authenticator app to apply your Amcrest Cloud account to the app. 

Step 5: Return to the Edit Profile page in your web browser and enter the code provided in the authenticator app into the Security Code section of the interface Click Submit to save your profile changes. 



Step 6: To log into your account after two-factor authentication is set, return to and enter the username and password for your account, and click Login. Enter the MFA code that is provided in the Google Authenticator app into the MFA code field and click Login again to access your Amcrest Cloud account. The same login process will apply if you are using the Amcrest Cloud app as well. 

image3.PNG   mceclip0.png

Note: A fresh MFA code will be provided in the Google Authenticator app that will be needed every time you access your Amcrest Cloud account. 

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