How to Manually Adjust the Floodlights (ASH26-W)

The floodlights of the camera can be adjusted manually during or after installation. The angle in which you adjust the floodlights will be dependent on what works best for you, however, the example below will show how the floodlights are adjusted. 

On the floodlight arms you will notice two knobs, one on the left and one on the right, turn the knob counterclockwise on each arm to loosen the floodlights, this will allow you to adjust the floodlight side to side or up and down depending on the position of the arms. Once the desired angle is achieved, turn the knob clockwise to lock the floodlight into place. 


To adjust the arms, rotate the arms clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the position you wish to adjust them. Please note the arms of the floodlight will not rotate a full 360° however can be moved in equal intervals depending on your needs. 

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