How to Use Motion Sensitivity (ASH26)

How to Use Motion Sensitivity (ASH26)

Motion sensitivity allows you to adjust how sensitive the motion detection will be for your camera. The floodlight camera uses PIR as well as motion detection sensors to detect motion. This is based on a minimum and maximum value ranging between 1, having the least amount of sensitivity, and 5 being the max. The default sensitivity level will be 3. This is the optimal sensitivity level as it can reduce the level of false motion events while still providing the most accurate detection of your events.


The lower the sensitivity value is on your camera the more activity the sensors need to retain an event or send a push notification. It is highly recommended to leave the sensitivity at 3 however, if you make any adjustments be sure to tap on the blue check mark ( mceclip1.png ) to save the motion sensitivity setting.

Note: Sensitivity settings 1-3 uses motion and infrared detection to reduce false motion alarms. Sensitivity settings 4 and 5 will use ONLY MOTION detection, detecting any and all movement. Please note, if you are using settings 4 and 5 the light might not always come on for every Motion event since the light uses only infrared detection.

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