How to Add an Amcrest Floodlight Camera to Amcrest View Pro (ASH26)

How to Add an Amcrest Floodlight Camera to Amcrest View Pro (ASH26)

Amcrest Smart Home devices such as the Amcrest Floodlight camera are capable of connecting to both the Amcrest Smart Home app as well as the Amcrest View Pro app.

However, since Amcrest Smart Home devices function primarily on a cloud based platform setting up an Amcrest Smart Home device to the Amcrest View Pro app will result in only live view being available and must be set up first using the Amcrest Smart Home app.

If you would like to view your Amcrest Smart Home devices using the Amcrest View Pro app, please refer to the information provided below.

Adding a Amcrest Smart Home Device to Amcrest View Pro

Please make sure your mobile device and Amcrest Smart Home device are connected to the same network during setup.

Step 1: Open the Amcrest View Pro app.

Step 2:  Tap on the Settings mceclip0.png ) icon in the upper left corner and tap on Device Manager. Then tap on Add Device.


Step 3: Tap on Search Device. 


Step 4: Select your Amcrest Smart Home device from the Device List. Tap on Connection Type to continue. 


Step 5: Tap on P2P.


Step 6: Enter a name for your camera in the Device Name field and enter the password for your device in the Password (default is admin) field. The password used in this field will be the password originally set for the camera in the Amcrest Smart Home app.  Tap Start Live View to continue.


Your Amcrest Smart Home device has now been added to your Amcrest View Pro app. 


Note: Live view features such as, microphone, speaker, etc will be available in the Amcrest View Pro app. Other features such as playback, configuration, etc will not be available. To access and use these settings, please use the Amcrest Smart Home app. 

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