Upgrading From a Free Legacy Cloud Plan?

Upgrading From a Free Legacy Cloud Plan?

Amcrest offers a wide range of options for cloud users who wish to have secure cloud based options for their recordings. These include our current free plan, which includes unlimited cameras (live view only), motion detection only plans, and continuous recording plans.

Customers who have previous legacy free plans, which offer 4 hours of free cloud storage but are limited to 1 camera, can be grandfathered in if they have not upgraded their accounts to a new free cloud plan. Unfortunately, previous legacy free cloud plans are no longer available unless you have a previously setup grandfathered account. Please note, any changes or upgrades to a previous legacy account will cause the account to lose its grandfathered status and cannot be reverted. 

Solutions For Free Account Users

1. Delete the camera from your current account, create a new cloud account, then re-add the camera to the new account. This allows you to revert back to the previous grandfathered status account if you want to by simply deleting the camera and adding it back to the previous legacy account. 

Note: A new username and different Email address will need to be used if creating a new cloud account.

2. Delete the camera and the current grandfathered account and create a new cloud account. This allows you to reuse the same username and Email address as before. Keep in mind, this will cause you to lose your previous legacy account entirely and there will not be a way to revert back since it is no longer available. 

3. Upgrade to a paid plan. This allows you to keep your current Email and username with the least amount of changes. A camera will not have to be deleted or re-added when upgrading your free account. This will simply change the account to a newer version that features cloud storage options. Please note, if you are upgrading your current free legacy cloud plan (1 camera only, 4 hours free storage) you cannot revert the account back to its grandfathered status. For more information on current Amcrest cloud plans, please visit: amcrest.com/cloud

Downgrading From a Continuous Recording Plan to a Motion Detection Plan?

If you have upgraded to a continuous recording cloud plan and want to downgrade to a motion detection only plan there are 2 options you can take to downgrade your plan to a motion detection only account. For more information, please refer to the information provided below. 

1. Cancel your current continuous recording plan and wait until the current billing cycle for your plan to end. For more information about how to cancel an exiting cloud plan click here.

After the current billing cycle is over, your account will automatically be placed on a current free plan which allow for unlimited cameras with no storage. From this point you can upgrade your account to a motion detection only plan. This is the easiest method for downgrading your account from a continuous recording plan to a motion detection only plan. 

2. For a more immediate solution, you can cancel your current continuous recording plan and delete the account completely. For more information about how to permanently delete an existing account click here

Please note, this will end your current billing cycle causing any remaining balance on your cloud account to not be prorated back. However, once the account is deleted you can then, create a new account using a motion detection only plan without having to wait for your current billing cycle to end. For more information on current Amcrest Cloud plans, please vising: amcrest.com/cloud


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