How to Signup for an Amcrest Cloud Continuous Recording Plan

A continuous cloud storage plan will allow you to monitor and store your Amcrest Cloud recordings on a 24/7 basis. Similar to a traditional Amcrest cloud plan, recordings will be stored based on the cloud plan chosen however, instead of events being recorded based on only motion detection, your device will continuously be storing your recordings to the cloud. 

To begin, please visit and click on "Sign up now" to begin. 


On this page you will see 2 tabs, one for Motion Recording plans and one for Continuous Recording plans. Click on the Continuous Recording tab to access all available continuous recording cloud plans.



From the pricing menu choose which continuous plan you would like to have by clicking the Sign Up button and log into your existing cloud account. 

You will be redirected to the Amcrest Cloud registration page. Fill out the registration form completely and click on the "Agree to the Terms of Service" checkbox. Click Register after the form has been completed filled out.


You will be taken to an order form. Verify the order form is correct and enter the correct billing address for your account. Click Save Address. Once the Billing Address has been saved click on Review My Order to continue. 


Note: You can enter the code "FREETRIAL" to get a free one month trial of service.

Once your order has been reviewed, enter your credit card information and other requested info into the Order Confirmation menu. Click Confirm to proceed. 

Once your plan has been purchased you may then proceed adding cameras to the account. Please note, all paid cloud storage plans are based on a month to month, per camera basis. If you have additional cameras, additional plans will need to be applied to each camera.

For more information on how to begin adding a camera into the cloud, please click here

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