Your IP Camera and the Cloud

Your IP Camera and the Cloud

To optimize stability and overall performance of your cloud experience, any settings pertaining to  the cloud will take precedence over any IP camera that is connected to your cloud account. This means that any settings that are set, whether in the Amcrest View Pro app or via the web user interface (web UI) directly, will be reverted to the settings that were originally setup in the cloud. 

For instance, if you changed the resolution of your camera from 720P to 1080P in the Amcrest View Pro app and for a certain amount of time it would work, but then you notice it would randomly change back to 720P. This is because the camera resolution in the cloud conflicts with what was just set by the user. Since cloud settings take precedence over any other settings, the resolution will revert to whatever setting is set in the cloud. 

This is why it is imperative to make sure that any encode settings or any other system related settings pertaining to your IP camera are set up inside your cloud account first. This will help to avoid any confusion or random system changes over time when using your IP camera. 

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