Adding Additional Cameras To A Cloud Account

If you are on a free trial version of Amcrest Cloud and would like to add an additional camera to your cloud account you will first need to upgrade your cloud account to a premium plan. For more information on upgrading your cloud and pricing, please click here

If you are already on a premium cloud plan and would like to proceed with adding another camera, log into your Amcrest Cloud account on the Amcrest Cloud app or PC/Mac to begin.

Adding a Camera On Amcrest Cloud App

Step 1: To add a camera to the app, click on the image0.PNG icon in the main menu.


Step 2: From this menu, tap on Add Camera. 


Step 3: Give your camera a name. This name can be anything you’d like the camera to be named i.e. "Kitchen", "Office", "Garage", etc. After giving your camera a name, click on Next to continue. 


Step 4: Scan the QR code located on your device to automatically generate the serial number. You can also manually enter it by typing it into the Enter camera S/N (serial number) field. 


To begin, locate the serial tag on your device. The serial tag should be on the bottom/side of your device. Once you have located the serial tag, find the QR Code and scan hover your mobile device's camera over the code. The serial number will automatically populate in the Enter camera S/N (serial number) field. 

If you are unsuccessful in scanning the QR code you can enter the serial number for your device manually into the app. To do so, locate the serial number for your device on the serial tag and enter the serial number into the Enter camera S/N (serial number) field.

Note: If you receive the error message below, there may be an issue connecting your device to the cloud. Please ensure the camera on is or power cycle (reset) the camera. Also, ensure your camera is connected to your network with an Ethernet cable. For more information on cloud-related issues, click here. If resolved, click on Next to continue. 


Step 5: Please input the camera’s username and password. This is related to the login credentials for your camera, not your Amcrest Cloud account. 


Step 6: Next, configure the cloud settings for your camera. (NOTE: The setting in the cloud will overrule the configurations in your camera settings.) After you have configured your cloud settings, click on Finish


Step 7: You will be taken to the main menu of the app. Click on LIVE to view your camera in the cloud.


Your feed is now LIVE!

Amcrest Cloud Web Interface

To add an additional camera to your cloud account on a PC or Mac, log into your premium cloud account and click on the menu ( image10.PNG )  icon and select Add Camera.


Follow the setup procedures listed in this menu to finish adding your additional camera to your account. 

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