The Difference between the Video Mode, Still Mode and Playback Mode

The Amcrest Dash Camera ACD-830B has three different camera modes. Within these modes you will have different feature sets. To know what mode you are in, look at the top right of the screen when the camera is on.

The Video Mode Icon looks like this:

Below is a screen shot of the Video Mode user interface.


The Still Mode Icon:

Below is a screen shot of the Still Mode user interface.


The two Playback Mode Icons look like this: OR 

When in Playback Mode, you will see one of the two icons shown above. The icon  represents that you are currently viewing a Still Image while the icon  represents that you are currently viewing a video. Below are two screen shots of the Playback Mode icons.



To switch between the camera modes, press the M (Mode) Button on the right side of the camera.

NOTE: When­­­­­ recording or playing videos, you will need to stop the function to be able to switch to the next mode. Press the OK Button to stop recording if you are in Video Mode, or the   

(Menu) Button to stop playing videos if you are in Playback Mode.

The modes cycle through the order: Video Mode >>> Still Mode >>> Playback Mode then back to the Video Mode.

Article 4: Taking Videos with the Amcrest ACD-830B Dash Camera and Using the Auto-Record Feature

While recording videos the camera will automatically initiate recording as soon as the camera is powered on. NOTE: Always power the camera using the included Universal Power Adaptor.

It is not necessary to actively record with the camera. However, to control recording as desired, use the OK button on the right side of the camera to start and stop recording.

NOTE: The camera does not have an option to be disable the Auto-Record feature.

If in another mode, press the M (Mode) button on the right side of the camera to enter into Video Mode then press the OK button to start recording.

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