Installing a Micro SD Card in the Amcrest Dash Camera ACD-830B

To achieve optimal performance in your Amcrest Dash Camera ACD-830B, we recommend using a minimum of 8GB Class 10 MicroSD Card. The maximum card size that can be used is 64GB. We recommend formatting the MicroSD Card using the camera within the “General Settings” menu using the “Format” option.

Please follow these directions to format the MicroSD Card:


  1. Make sure the camera is off. Insert the MicroSD card into the slot on the left side of the camera.
  2. Turn the camera on using the Mini USB Vehicle Power Adaptor. Make sure the 12 volt socket adaptor is plugged into your car.
  3. Once the camera has booted up, press the OK button on the right to stop recording.

        Press the  (Menu) Button twice on the left side to enter the “General Settings” menu.

    4. Use the down arrow on the left to scroll down to the “Format” option and press the “OK” button to             select the option.
    5. When prompted “All data will be deleted,” use the Down Button to select the “OK” option and press           the OK Button to format the MicroSD card.

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