Charging the Amcrest Dash Camera ACD-830B and Powering On

The Amcrest Dash Camera ACD-830B comes with an internal rechargeable battery. Charge the battery to full capacity for at least 4 hours before initial use. The camera will charge with the included car adapter when it is plugged in, whether the camera is running or not.

For safety reasons, the battery was engineered to a low capacity and has temporary power for up to one minute. As result, we recommend only using the camera when an external power source is connected. Please use the included car adapter to power the camera and simultaneously charge the battery.

NOTE: Once the camera is powered on, whether from an external power source or the power button, it will initiate video recording. To stop recording as soon as the camera is powered on, press the “OK” button on the right.

If the camera is already plugged in and was previously turned off using the power button, press the power button again to turn the camera back on.

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