Amcrest Cloud Event Explorer Overview

The Amcrest Cloud Event Explorer allows you to focus more on event details including motion detection and cloud AI events by providing event details in a file list format as opposed to just using the event timeline. The interface also features more cloud filtering options, such as the use of cloud AI filters and easier download methods. For more information on the Amcrest Cloud Event Explorer, please refer to the information provided below. 

To access the Event Explorer, log into your Amcrest Cloud account using a web browser and select Event Explorer located at the top right of the interface. 


A visual representation of each event will be displayed in a file list format. Select an event from the file list to automatically play the event. 

The event can be played as many times as you like by clicking "Keep playing" once it has stopped playing. The interface also allows you to fast forward through the event up to 16x, as well as view full screen, or download the event directly to your computer. To download the event, click "This Event"

The interface also allows you to filter through events based on specific time ranges such as today, yesterday, last hour, last 15 minutes, etc. using the calendar option located at the top of the page. A custom timeframe can also be selected. 


We can also filter the events even further by choosing only certain cameras, groups, certain types of events, or cloud AI, by selecting the filter option located in the upper right corner of the page. 


The Event Explorer also allows you to review particular footage everyday at a certain time by creating a view. A view allows you quick access to certain cameras in the interface. To create a view, click Create View.


Enter a name for the view and select which cameras will apply. This will display the selected cameras in the interface. Use the filter options from this point based on your preferences. To view all the cameras, click on All Events

This feature also allows you to take it a step further and use cloud AI for event filtering. This allows you to view multiple objects such as, animals, bicycles, backpacks, birds, etc. as well as other more common objects such as humans and vehicles using AI filtering. To filter using this feature, select the filter option (orange icon) and click on the "+" icon located under Cloud AI and select an object from the dropdown menu. 


This allows you to create an "if/then" filter, for example, you can set a filter that will allow the interface to display events that have five or more people in it by selecting the rule type, which in this case is person, the operator type, which is greater than, and "5". 


Additional filters can be applied as well by selecting the "+" icon. Once all filters have been set, click Apply to save the settings. This will display only cloud AI events with the specified rules that were applied. For more details on the Amcrest Cloud Event Explorer, please feel free to view our video as well detailing this feature. 

Amcrest Cloud Event Explorer Video 

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