Can I Use An Amcrest AI IP Camera On A Non-AI Amcrest DVR?

An Amcrest AI IP camera can be used on a non-AI DVR, however, all the AI features of the camera will have to be configured through the AI camera itself, not through the DVR. This will require you to separately access the camera's web user interface (web UI) in a web browser and set the applicable AI features in this interface. Please note, available AI features will differ by model, please refer to the user manual for your specific AI camera model for more information regarding the specific AI features included with your camera. 

Once the AI features have been set up in the camera's web UI, and the camera has been properly added to the DVR, the DVR will then record and retain AI motion events and other events if a hard drive is installed. The DVR will retain these events as motion event types in the playback interface.

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