How to Setup a People Counting Rule (IP5M-F1180EW-V2)

The people counting feature allows the camera to count the number of people entering and leaving the detection area. When the number of counted people exceeds the configured value, the camera can send a notification. This feature can also be used alongside the heat map feature to generate the crowd density of an area or how long an object has been idle in the detection area. For more information on setting up a heat map rule, click here.

Step 1: Access your camera in a web browser, for more information on how to access the web UI for your device click here.

Step 2: Navigate to Setup>>Event>>Smart Plan and enable the People Counting smart plan. Click Save.


Note: People counting and heat map smart plans can be activated if using both features. 

Step 3: In the Event tab click on People Counting, then click on the "+" icon. 


Step 4: Enable the Regional Number Statistics Alarm option to be notified when the number count has reached the threshold, inside the number value. 


To set a threshold number for this alarm, enter a value into the Inside Number field. This can range up to 80 people, however, the default is 30. Then from the Type dropdown menu, select if the number will be greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, equal to or not equal to the value in the Inside Number field.

Step 5: Enable the Stranding Alarm option if you would like to be notified if an object has been idle in the detection area for a specified number of time. Enter the value into the Stranding Time field (1-1800 seconds). 

Step 6: Enable the Record option. 

Note: Check the Send Email and Snapshot checkboxes if you would like a snapshot of the event emailed to you. A valid email address must be established in the camera prior to enabling this setting. For more information on setting up email alerts, click here.
Step 7: Click the Draw Rule option to begin drawing a detection region on the interface. Use the mouse to draw the initial line, once the initial line is drawn, left-click on the interface to continue drawing the region. Repeat the process and right-click to complete the region. Click Save

If you return to the live view menu you will notice the People No. overlay counting the number of people detected in the detection area. 


If the number detected exceeds the inside number set in the interface the detection area will flash blue and red and a notification will be sent to your email (if email alerts are set up). A report can also be accessed in the heat map option if a heat map rule was enabled. For more information on setting up heat map, click here.

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