How the AI Features Work on an A2 DVR (AMDV5M8, AMDV5M16)

The AI features available will be determined by the AI mode function selected in the AI menu of the DVR. This article will cover the basic setup of AI events provided by the DVR. The features listed in the AI menu include SMD (Smart Motion Detection), Face Detection & Recognition, as well as IVS & SMD which function independently in the system.


Accessing Different AI Modes

Step 1: The instructions in this article can apply to either the local UI or the web UI. For more information on how to access the web UI click here.

Step 2: Log into your DVR and on the Main Menu, click on AI.

Select a feature from the AI Mode menu. Please note, after an AI mode is selected, the DVR will reboot, please allow the device to reboot once an AI is selected.

SMD – Allows the device to use smart motion detection to detect between human and motor vehicles. For more information on SMD click here.

Face Detection & Recognition - Face detection is used to allow your device to detect and record face image events. Face recognition is used in conjunction with face detection to locate and determine facial similarities detected by the system. Images are registered in a face library, by the user, and accessed via a face recognition smart search tool that is built into the DVR. The DVR supports a max of 2 face detection & face recognition channels. For more information on Face Detection & Recognition, click here.

IVS&SMD – IVS stands for intelligent video system analytics and is primarily used for parameter protection. The DVR currently has 2 built-in IVS features available (Tripwire and Intrusion). Smart Motion Detection (SMD) uses an advanced algorithm to differentiate human and vehicular shapes within a scene and send alarms only when a person or vehicle is detected. Please note, IVS and SMD cannot be activated on the same channel. For more information on IVS&SMD click here. 

Step 3: Select a parameter from the AI Mode menu. Click "OK to reboot the DVR, once the DVR has finished rebooting, navigate back to the AI menu. The parameter will be highlighted and ready to configure.

AI Limitations

The DVRs support a max of 2 face detection & face recognition channels. A max of 2 channels of IVS or 1 channel of IVS with the others supporting SMD.


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