How to Unblacklist an IP Address on an Amcrest NVR (HS Models)

If you have blacklisted an IP address on the NVR IP filter by mistake, all IP addresses are blocked and access will not be allowed through any IP address to your system. This will also affect your access to other features like Amcrest Surveillance Pro.

In order to regain access, you will need to unblacklisted your IP address. The NVR will need to be connected to another monitor to access its settings. Please follow the steps below to unblacklist an IP Address: 

Step 1: Please connect your NVR to a monitor/TV, this will be a temporary connection. Once the monitor is connected, the screen should display the video wall.

Step 2: Using the mouse, right-click on the video wall and select Main Menu


Step 3: The login screen will appear, enter the username and password for your NVR and click Save.


Note: If you are having trouble remembering your login details and need more information on how to reset the password, click here.

Step 5: On the main menu, click on System, located in the Management menu. 


Step 6: In the System menu, click on the Security tab. In the Firewall tab, make sure that the toggle switch for the network access type is disabled. Click Apply.


Step 7: The web UI for the device can now be accessed in the web browser as usual and is now unblacklisted. 

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