NVR Password Reset/Forgot Password Process

If you have lost or forgotten the password associated with your HS model NVR and would like to reset the password. Please follow the instructions provided below.

Note: You will need direct access to the NVR to reset the password. Please connect an HDMI or VGA monitor to the back of the device and use a USB mouse to navigate the interface. The NVR will also need to be connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable (even if temporary) to complete the password reset process. 

Typically, an unlock pattern is the default means of accessing your NVR. If you have forgotten or need to reset the unlock pattern for your device click on the Forgot Unlock Pattern button. 


Next, on the system login screen, click on the Forgot Password icon (mceclip0.png) to access the Reset Password menu. 


The password reset interface will be displayed. Enter the email address associated with your system, this will be the email you initially entered in the system upon setup. Click Next to continue. 


Scan the QR code on the screen. You can use a number of QR code scanning apps, however, in this example, we will be using QR Code Reader. 

To proceed, scan the QR Code, in the app you will notice a special string for text.


Copy and paste this information into an Email and Email it to support_gpwd@htmicrochip.com 

Note: Please do not send any additional information or provide a subject line in the email. Just send the QR code URL to support_gpwd@htmicrochip.com

A confirmation email will be sent to you with a security code. The confirmation email will be delivered within a 24 hour period of sending the email. 


Please note, if the email notification is not coming to your inbox, please check any Spam, Junk, Filtered Folders. etc. for the notification. Every email service provider may differ drastically but we recommend adding these specific email addresses in your contacts or mark them as not spam.

Open the email and locate the generated security code that was sent to you. This will be the security code you will need to type into the NVR to reset your password. 

Note: The security code that was provided will only be valid for 24 HOURS. If you do not use the code within 24 hours a new one will have to be generated to complete the password reset process. 

Next, enter the provided security code from your email into the Security code field in the Reset Password menu then press Next to continue. 


Type in the new password for your device in the New Password field and type it again into the Confirm Password field. Please note, it is recommended to use a password that has between 8 to 32 characters using a combination of letters and numbers. Please do not use special characters such as, ( ' " ; : &). When you have entered a strong enough password, click on the Save button to save the new password to your device. 


Your new password is now applied to your device, click Save to apply the changes. 


To sync this password to other remotely connected devices via the default protocol, click on Save. If you do not want to apply the new password to any remotely connected device, click on Cancel. 


The information will begin to sync to remote devices. Click Save.


Enter in the new password and click Save


You will now be able to access the NVR with the new password.


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