How to Replace the Battery on Amcrest Smart Home Motion Sensor (AL-PIRSEN1 )

To replace the battery on the AL-PIRSEN1, please make sure to use the included pin that comes with your smart hub. This will allow you to remove the casing and access the battery. The sensor requires a CR2450 battery type which is sold separately. For more information on how to replace the battery on your motion sensor, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Locate the slot on top of the sensor and use the flat side on the top of the pin to open the sensor. 


Step 2: Locate the used battery and slide it out of the battery slot.


Step 3: Place the replacement CR2450 battery completely into the battery slot. 


Step 4: Insert the sensor back into the casing and press it into place to secure the sensor into the casing.


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