How to Perform a Factory Reset on the Hub

Performing a factory reset on the hub will revert the hub back to its original factory settings. This means after the reset is performed the added sensors will no longer be paired to the hub and all other applied settings will be lost. For more information on how to perform a factory reset on the hub, please refer to the information provided below. 

Note: Please use the included metal pin that came with the device to perform the reset. 

To perform a factory reset, insert the included metal pin into the reset hole on the bottom of the hub and hold a chime will be heard on the hub. 


After the initial chime, the LED on the front of the hub will turn red and an additional chime can be heard. Remove the pin from the reset hole and allow the hub to reset. Once the hub has been reset another chime may be heard and the LED on the front of the hub will flash blue indicating that the device has been reset. 

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