How to Use Playback

How to Use Playback

The playback interface is used to playback recordings that are stored on a microSD card. When using the playback interface it is highly recommended to use either Internet Explorer or the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software, however, the interface does have limited capabilities in other browsers such as Google Chrome, etc. For more information on how to access the web user interface (web UI) for your device click here.

Playback Interface Overview

To access the playback interface, click on "Playback" in the top section in the live view menu. 


Below is a description of the playback interface.


There are 5 main sections:    

  1. File Menu: This panel allows the user to select a file type and data source.
  2. Calendar: This panel allows the user to pick a date that they would like to playback video from. When a date has recorded footage available, it is green. The current date is blue, unless it has recorded footage, then it’s a lighter green.
  3. File List: This button allows the user to open or download a recording from a list of all recorded video for a specific date range. To download a recording, press the mceclip1.png button.
  4. Playback Bar: These options allow the user to play, stop, and adjust the audio levels of a recording.

Viewing Recordings

All dates with applicable recordings will be highlighted in the calendar. Click on a highlighted day then click on the File List option. A list of different recording types will be listed for the selected day. 


Double click on the recording type you wish to view, the selected recording will begin to play in the interface. To download a recording, click on the mceclip1.png button, enter the username and password for your device if necessary into the browser, the recording will begin to download to your computer. 

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