How to Register a Thermal Camera Offline to an NVR

How to Register a Thermal Camera Offline to an NVR

Since the camera is plugged directly to the NVR's PoE port the camera will be automatically registered to the device, however, the password for the camera must be modified in the system.
To modify the password for your camera, click on the edit icon (pencil) located in the Edit column in
the Added Device menu.


Select the Password field and use the onscreen keyboard to enter the password for your camera.
Once the password has been entered, save the password to the device.
Once the password has been properly set in the NVR you will notice 2 separate channels: one for
visual and one for thermal. The Status indicator will turn green on both channels indicating the
thermal camera has been properly added to the NVR.


Note: If the status of the camera does not register as green during initial setup, click on the Refresh button and allow the device to register the camera in the system.

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