What is a Black Body?

What is a Black Body?

The black body is a separate piece of equipment included with your device that is used as a temperature referencing source for the system. This is generally used for temperature correction and calibration for thermal imaging acquisition.

This black body must be powered on and installed in sight of the thermal camera to function. The black body is set to default at 95°F (35°C) to meet the thermal accuracy requirements of ±32.54°F (0.3°C).


  • Before use, the black body must be powered on and preheat for 20 minutes or until its temperature reaches 95°F (35°C). This will be displayed on its screen.
  • Do not touch the film on the front portion of the black body. This is a highly sensitive device; any impedance could cause damage to the unit or damage to the camera.
  • Keep the device clean as any dirt or obstruction can lead to inaccurate measurements. To clean the device, use a neutral detergent to clean the body of the device. To clean the radiation surface, it is recommended to use a soft brush or cloth to clean the surface.
  • To prevent overheating, keep objects at least 10cm (0.32 inches) away while in use.
  • To ensure overall temperature measurement accuracy, it is recommended to calibrate the device at least once per year. 

For more information, such as access to a technical specifications sheet, click here.

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