How To Add a Camera Into the Thermal NVR

How To Add a Camera Into the Thermal NVR

The thermal camera can be added to the thermal NVR directly or via a PoE network. If using a PoE network to connect the camera, please ensure the camera and the thermal NVR are on the same network segment before attempting to register it to the NVR. For more information on how to register the thermal camera to the thermal NVR, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1 Access the NVR's web user interface (web UI) via a web browser on a computer. For more information on how to access the web UI for your system, click here.

Note: The camera can be registered to the NVR in the same manner locally as in the web user interface if needed. 

Step 2: Navigate to Management>>Camera>>Registration. In the registration menu, click on Device Search.


Step 3: A list of applicable connected devices will show on the screen. Select your devices by click on the checkbox next to the device and click Add to add the device into the Added Devices menu.


If the status of your camera is red it indicates the camera is not properly connected to the NVR. This could be because the password for the camera is not entered properly in the system.

To modify the password for your camera, click on the edit icon (pencil) located in the Edit column in the Added Device menu.


Select the Password field and use the onscreen keyboard to enter the password for your camera. Once the password has been entered, click OK to continue.


Note: If this is a new device and a password has not been added the password will be admin.

Once the password has been properly set you will notice 2 separate channels: one for visual and one for thermal. The Status indicator will turn green on both channels indicating the camera has been properly added to the NVR.


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