How To Setup Email Alerts (Thermal Monitoring System)

How To Setup Email Alerts (Thermal Monitoring System)

Setting up Email alerts will allow you to receive snapshots of events via your email. Each event type must have the “Send Email” option enabled to allow the feature to send snapshots to your email. To setup email alerts, please refer to the information provided below.

Step 1: Access the NVR's web user interface (web UI) via a web browser on a computer. For more information on how to access the web UI for your system, click here.

Step 2: Click on Management and select Network

Step 3: In the Network menu, click on Email

Step 4: Click on the Enable checkbox.

Step 5: Enter the SMTP information for your email. In this example we will be using Gmail, however other email services can also be used. If using Gmail, type in “

Step 6: Enter a port number. This is based on the type of encryption used by your email service. In this example we will be using port 465, which uses an SSL encryption type. If using TLS, the port number will be 587.

Step 7: Enter the email address you will be using in the Username field. Enter the password for the email address in the Password field. In the Receiver field, enter your email address. Enter that same email address in the Sender field. Update the subject line for your alerts in the Subject field. The default subject line will be NVR Alert however this can be changed to anything you would like to use.

Note: Make sure the Attachment toggle switch is enabled to enable snapshots to be sent.


Step 8: Click OK and Test to verify connectivity.

Check your email to see if you received the email test:


Now, whenever your camera detects motion, you will get email alerts sent to the email that was set up in the system.


This will include an email with a snapshot of what was seen when the event was triggered:      



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