How To Use Heat Map

How To Use Heat Map

Heat Map is a tool used to determine the overall crowd flow (density) over a certain amount of time in a specific area. Heat map provides a color-coded layout of the density with red being the highest level to blue which is the lowest level. For more information on how to use heat map, please refer to the information provided below.

Step 1:  Log into the web user interface (web UI) for your camera. For more information on how to access the web UI for your camera click here

Step 2: In the web UI, click on Setup>>Event>>Smart Plan. Click on the IVS icon and click Save


Note: If a Smart Plan is not enabled properly on your camera IVS features will not work. Please make sure to enable the Smart Plan feature before continuing. 

Step 3: Click on the Heat Map option in the Event menu. Click on the Enable check box to enable the feature. Click Save


All heat map data can be viewed via the Report tab located in the Heat Map menu.

How To View Heat Map Reports

A heat map report can be generated that will graphically display the amount of crowd density detected by the camera. The maximum report range is 1 week. For more information on how to view a heat map report, please refer to the information provided below.

Step 1: Click on the Report tab. 


Step 2: Enter a start and end date and time for the report you are attempting to view then click the Search tab to generate a report. 


Step 3:  A heat map report will be generated based on the date and time entered. 


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