How To Activate An Amcrest Smart Home Cloud Account

Amcrest Smart Home cloud is an optional premium cloud storage option provided exclusively for Amcrest Smart Home products. Amcrest Smart Home products are not compatible with traditional Amcrest Cloud accounts and will require activation specifically through the Amcrest Smart Home app. These options are only available using the Amcrest Smart Home app and are not available in a web browser. For more information on how to activate an Amcrest Smart Home Cloud account, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Log into your Amcrest Smart Home app and select the device you wish to activate. 

Step 2: On the live view screen tap on Cloud Recordings


Step 3: Tap on Activate Cloud Storage


Step 4: Select a Cloud Storage plan from the list of cloud plans and tap Buy


Note: Currently, we only offer motion detection storage plans. Continuous recording plans are currently not available for Amcrest Smart Home cloud plans. For more information on Amcrest Smart Home cloud plans, click here

Step 5: Enter your billing information into the billing form. All plans will require a credit card to process the request. 

After you have purchased your Amcrest Smart Home cloud plan you will be able to store and view your recordings all from the Cloud Recordings menu. Additionally, you can change your plan, update your payment method, as well as cancel a subscription right from the app. 


Note: Any plan changes made to your account will only take place at the end of your current billing cycle. 

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