Amcrest GPS Tracker Battery Life Overview

Amcrest GPS trackers are equipped with an internal 2600mAh, 3.7V rechargeable battery that is designed to provide up to 2 weeks of power based on average use. However, the battery life of the unit can be subjective and based on specific circumstances such as the amount of usage and reporting intervals set for the unit. Please do not let the battery go below 10% if the battery is below 10% charge make sure to charge it or connect using a power supply.

For more information on reporting intervals or to learn how to adjust them click here

Note: The following chart below provides an approximation, based on average use, of how many days per reporting interval the battery life of your unit can last.


Battery Percentage

Battery percentage can be actively tracked in the app or in the web portal using a web browser. For more information on how to verify the battery percentage for your device click here.

Low Battery

The GPS tracker automatically will, by default, send a low battery notification to your phone or email when the battery of your unit reaches on or below 20%. Low battery notifications can be adjusted on your GPS account via the web portal using a web browser. For more information on how to adjust low battery notifications, click here

Additionally, if the red (PWR) LED on the front of the unit is flashing slowly the battery is low and needs to be charged. For optimal use, ensure your device is charged 100% before use.

Full Battery

When the battery is being charged the red (PWR) LED on the front of the unit will rapidly begin to flash. The unit should take a few hours to fully charge. Once the battery is fully charged, the red (PWR) LED will remain solid. Once the power adapter has been removed from the unit the red (PWR) LED will disappear. For more information on what the LEDs on your device represent, click here.

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