How To Manage and View Your Devices on a Desktop (PC/MAC)

How To Manage and View Your Devices on a Desktop (PC/MAC)

NPAPI plugins have been recently depreciated by most mainstream web browsers such as Google Chrome, Outlook, and Firefox. Currently, our team is pursuing a solution to this, however, as a primary means of accessing the web user interface for your Amcrest device, we recommend using either Internet Explorer or Safari. For more information on how to access the web user interface using these browsers click here.

As an alternative, other secondary browsers will also be functional for the web user interface such as, SeaMonkey web browser. Conversely, these browsers will require the use of a plugin similar to Internet Explorer or Safari. You can also use the Amcrest Cloud to access your device from your computer. Amcrest Cloud does not require the use of a plugin to function. For more information on the Amcrest Cloud, click here.

Mozilla FireFox Users

The latest update of Mozilla Firefox will be discontinuing the use of plugins which may cause issues with accessing the web user interface for your device while using Firefox. The plugin will affect the ability to view and playback, however, setting changes will still be available using this method on most devices. We are currently working on a more permanent solution to the issue but currently, we can offer these alternatives.

1. Use Internet Explorer. On Windows 10 PC’s this can be found by using the search option to the right of the Start menu (also known as Cortana if activated).

2. For MAC users, Safari 11 and Seamonkey continue to be a viable option for accessing the web user interface.

3. Use the free Amcrest Surveillance Pro software. This is useful as well for accessing multiple cameras in one central location. To download the latest version of Amcrest Surveillance Pro click here.

4. Revert back to an older version of Mozilla Firefox. For more information on how to revert and utilize a previous version of Mozilla Firefox with Amcrest products, click here

5. Use the Chrome Web View extension (Works for most products)

Google Chrome Users

Google Chrome users can also use the Google Chrome extension if they wish to access their device's web user interface. For more information on how to use the Chrome extension click here or view the instructional videos provided below.

Amcrest Web View Google Chrome App Install & Shortcuts

Amcrest Web View App For Google Chrome Browser Overview

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on a more permanent solution on upgrading the plugins to work on more current browsers for all current products. 


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