What To Do Before Changing Internet Service Providers on Amcrest Devices

When changing ISPs (Internet Service Providers) it is best to take a few proactive steps to make sure the process is more efficient, this will help you avoid having to take any unnecessary steps or having to factory reset any devices. For more information on steps you can take before changing an ISP please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: If the camera is set to a static IP, please make sure to set it to DHCP. This will ensure the camera catches a new IP after the ISP has changed. To set the network mode of your device to DHCP, log into your camera's web UI using a browser, for more information on accessing the web browser, click here.

Inside the web browser, navigate to Setup>>Network>>TCP/IP and set the mode to DHCP. Click Save


After the ISP has been changed and a new IP will assigned to your device, you can then set the mode back to static. This will prevent the IP address from constantly changing and disconnecting the camera due to a new IP address.

Note: If the device is connected to an app such as Amcrest View Pro or other software, verify the IP address has been properly changed and you are able to access the device. If after the ISP change you are unable to gain access to your device on these platforms, please delete the device and add it back into the platform. 

What If the ISP Has Already Changed? 

If the change has already occurred, a hard factory reset would most like be necessary in order to find and connect to the new network from the new ISP. Please note, if you are using the app to regain access after a hard reset, please make sure to remove the device from the Amcrest View Pro app using device manager and add it back into the app. If the device is connected to any other apps or software, please make sure to add or modify the login credentials for your device. to prevent a user lock situation. 

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