How To Setup Continuous Recording Using Amcrest View Pro

To set your camera to record continuously (24/7) you will need to have the camera set up on either the Amcrest View Pro app or have access to the camera's web user interface (web UI) on a laptop or PC. Please make sure the camera has a microSD card inserted and formatted to FAT32. For more information on how to format a microSD card click here.

Setting Up Continuous Recording on the Amcrest View Pro App

Step 1: In the Amcrest View Pro app, press the menu button () and tap on Configuration Center


Step 2: Tap on Recording Schedule.


Step 3: Select which camera you will be applying the continuous recording schedule to.


Step 4: In the recording schedule menu you will notice the schedule that is currently set for your camera. Below is a description of the recording types listed in this menu. 

  • Green: A solid green bar indicates the recording schedule for continuous (Normal) recording. 
  • Orange: A solid orange bar indicates the recording schedule for motion detection recording. 
  • Red: A solid red bar indicates the recording schedule for any alarms associated with your recording.

Step 5: Tap on the  icon to edit your recording schedule. 

Step 6: In this menu you will notice a list of schedules that can be modified. There is a total of 5 schedules that can be set for your device.


To edit a schedule follow the steps below: 

  • Select which day of the week you would like to set your schedule. To select a single day, tap on Date, to select multiple days (whole week) tap on Copy
  • Once you have selected which days you would like your schedule to apply to, tap on Normal to enable continuous recording. 


Step 7: Tap on the Save  icon to save and apply the schedule to your device.

Step 8: The continuous recording schedule is now set. The schedule will look like this: 


Step 9: Tap on the Save  icon to save and apply the schedule to your device. To return to the main menu, tap on the  icon until you have reached the main menu. 

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