How To Format a MicroSD card

How To Format a MicroSD Card

To format a microSD card for your device, you will need to access the user interface (web UI) for your device via laptop or PC. For more information on accessing your device's web UI, please click here.

Once you have accessed and logged into your web UI, please follow the step by step instructions below to complete the format process. 

NOTE: Once you have completed the format process, all data will be lost for the microSD card. 

Step 1: Locate the microSD slot on your device and insert the microSD card into the slot. 

NOTE: Some microSD card slots may be located on the motherboard of the device. 

Step 2: After locating and inserting the microSD card in your device, please verify the microSD card is working properly. To access your microSD settings in the web UI, go to, Setup>Storage>Destination> SD Card.

Step 3: The microSD card should be recognized and named by the camera. If working properly it should say Normal. If it says anything other than Normal, the card must be formatted. If the card is not recognizing then it will most likely be a faulty SD card.

Step 3: If your microSD card is being read properly by your device, press format and the camera will do the remaining process itself.


Step 4: Once the format process has been initiated, your device will then begin to reboot. 


Step 5: Once the camera has completed its reboot process, please log back into the web UI and access your microSD card information. The microSD card should be cleared and properly formatted and this point and ready for use. 

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